Trade Policy

** Please read West Management’s trade policy BEFORE making a purchase. **

  1. Machines quoted on the proforma invoices are EXW prices (Ex-Works, cost at our yard).
    Please contact us by email or director’s cell phone for detailed pricing terms.
  2. Payments can be made in cash or wire transfer.
    LC (letter of credit), credit cards, checks are not accepted.
  3.  All machines are sold in their current conditions, and without warranty. All sales are final.
  4. Machines are divided into 3 categories:

A *Operational machines

(this type of machine has been inspected and works).

B *Non-operational machines

(this type of machine is not in working condition but all parts are in place).

C *Absolute non-operational machines

(this type of machine is not in working condition and parts are missing).


Purchasing Procedures

  1. After West Management and the buyer have agreed on the final price and terms,
    West Management will mail a Pricing List to the buyer.
  2.  Buyer must visit West Management and inspect machines before final purchase.
  3.  Freight size and shipping charges must be discussed before the final purchase.
  4.  Our president and buyer must be signed as a “purchasable agreement”.
  5. After all these requirements have been met, payments can be made.
  6. West Management will pack and load items only after a payment has been received.