Started rental of “Grassworker”, a heavy object adsorption and transportation machine.

Aktio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and COO: Naoto Onuma; hereinafter referred to as Aktio), a comprehensive construction equipment rental company, has launched a construction machine called “Glassworker” that uses suction cups to absorb and install glass and wall materials. Rental will start from January 11, 2023 (Wednesday).

“Glassworker” is a self-propelled arm-type machine for remote work that can be attached to the window frame or wall surface by sucking the glass and building material panels of the building under construction with suction cups. Because it is remote controlled, it can be operated in the immediate vicinity of the installation location, enabling efficient installation.

The GW625/GW1125 are self-propelled, and the boom can be raised and lowered, telescoped, swung (vertically, horizontally, left and right), and turned. The UPG1200 can be fitted while being lifted by a crane, etc., and like the GW625/GW1125, the adsorbed part moves horizontally, allowing fine adjustment when fitting.

“Grassworker” Features
➀ It can be attached to window frames and walls as it is by adsorbing glass and building material panels with suction cups.
(2) Efficient installation is possible due to remote control operation, which can be operated in the immediate vicinity of the installation location.
(3) Since the sucked part moves horizontally, it is possible to make fine adjustments when fitting.