Morooka New Product Presentation 2023

Morooka Co., Ltd. held a new product presentation at the Ami test development and demo center in Ibaraki Prefecture for four days from February 7 to 10, 2023.

This presentation, which was held for the first time in two years, gathered new products from the three fields of environment, forestry, and construction. On the 7th, the first day of the visit by the KENKEY staff, the weather was fine, and the crushing demonstrations and test rides of carrier dumps were actively carried out and the crowds were lively.

About 280 people, including customers and users from the Kanto region, visited the four-day event from February 7th to 10th.

The new carrier dump truck has been renewed with an environmentally friendly engine and electronically controlled levers. By relocating the engine to the rear, the field of vision seen from the right side of the driver’s seat has been increased by about 30% compared to the previous model, and safety has been taken into consideration.

Forestry machinery and wood crushers have been renewed to improve productivity, processing capacity, and operability. Forestry machinery exhibited a long reach of 8m, and a wood crusher demonstrated a 30-40% increase in processing capacity by combining hydraulic pumps and controls.